2014-06-21 09:22
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I developed the OpenCart module. I intend to add the receipt number on each product to add field "nota" in "oc_product" table. The plan when users place an order, then any goods ordered will get a receipt number when you are on the "View Cart"

I've been following the rules of how to add custom fields in OpenCart and get the value of the field "nota" extension such as this:


but it appears an error in index.php?route=checkout/cart

Notice: Undefined index: nota in D:\DATA PENTING\Project\Proyek\htdocs\toko\catalog\controller\checkout\cart.php on line 276

This error only when in the "View Cart", if the other page like index.php?route=product/product&product_id=* no error occurs and showing receipt number.

and if i follow error i found this codes and then add codes to get "nota" value, but still error occurs.

$this->data['products'][] = array(
                    'key'                 => $product['key'],
                    'thumb'               => $image,
                    'name'                => $product['name'],
                    'model'               => $product['model'],
                    'nota'                => $product['nota'],
                    'option'              => $option_data,
                    'quantity'            => $product['quantity'],
                    'stock'               => $product['stock'] ? true : !(!$this->config->get('config_stock_checkout') || $this->config->get('config_stock_warning')),
                    'reward'              => ($product['reward'] ? sprintf($this->language->get('text_points'), $product['reward']) : ''),
                    'price'               => $price,
                    'total'               => $total,
                    'href'                => $this->url->link('product/product', 'product_id=' . $product['product_id']),
                    'remove'              => $this->url->link('checkout/cart', 'remove=' . $product['key']),
                    'recurring'           => $product['recurring'],
                    'profile_name'        => $product['profile_name'],
                    'profile_description' => $profile_description,

Anyone can help this error?

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  • dsykx64220 2014-06-22 10:06

    please edit system/library/cart.php

    after this line :

    'name' => $product_query->row['name'],


    'nota' => $product_query->row['nota'],

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