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I'm currently following this tutorial:

It's about learning Symfony 2.3, and right now is demonstrating how to set up Twitter Bootstrap and also how to use assetic with cssembed, to compress all css and javascript code in to 1 file each.

I'm working on Windows7, I can't get a linux machine or VM where I'm at.

The config file can be found here:

I of course changed the java path to this:

java: 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin'

An exception is thrown on the file


The exception being:

Failed to assign arg @list: line: 50

That also means the file is never generated, so I don't really know where to look for the error. And even then, I don't know how to fix it. I've got all this listed in the composer.json file and it has been updated:

"leafo/lessphp": "*",
"twitter/bootstrap": "*",
"components/jquery": "dev-master"

Does anyone have an incling of what might be going wrong here?

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这是关于学习Symfony 2.3,现在 正在演示如何设置Twitter Bootstrap以及如何使用资产与cssembed,将每个css和javascript代码压缩为1个文件。

我正在使用Windows7,我可以 找不到我所在的Linux机器或虚拟机。

配置文件可以在这里找到: -and-bootstrap-3-assetic-config-and-base-html-template-file /


  java:'C:\ Program Files \ Java \ jre7 \ bin'

文件上抛出异常< / p>

../ web / assetic / bootstrap_less.less


无法分配arg @list:line:50 \ n

这也意味着永远不会生成文件,所以我真的不知道在哪里查找错误。 即便如此,我也不知道如何解决它。 我已经在composer.json文件中列出了所有这些并且它已经更新:

 “leafo / lessphp”:“*”,
“twitter / bootstrap”  :“*”,
“components / jquery”:“dev-master”


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