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I am creating a page where users can submit metadata about content to a database by submitting the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the content. The site will then go and look up the metadata of content on and present a summary of the data before adding it to the database

I have created a form for users to enter the DOI

<FORM ACTION="newref-getxml.php" METHOD=POST>
<P><strong>New Reference Form</strong><BR>
DOI: <INPUT NAME="send_doi"><BR>

And a file to fetch and read the XML (I have removed my API KEY from the URL for obvious reasons)

  echo $_POST[send_doi]; // check post data is coming though
  $xml = simplexml_load_file("'$_POST[send_doi]'&noredirect=true&pid=APIKEY&format=unixref");
   Title: <?php echo $xml->doi_record->crossref->journal->journal_article->titles->title;?><br />
   Year: <?php echo $xml->doi_record->crossref->journal->journal_article->publication_date->year;?><br />
   Journal: <?php echo $xml->doi_record->crossref->journal->journal_metadata->full_title;?><br />
   DOI: <?php echo $xml->doi_record->crossref->journal->journal_article->doi_data->doi;?>

The problem is with inserting the user submitted DOI into the URL, I thought I could just paste '$_POST[send_doi]' into the URL where the DOI should go, but that is not working.

All I get is

10.3998/3336451.0009.101 Title: Year: Journal: DOI:

When submitting a DOI

How you write the URL to include the '$_POST[send_doi]' value?

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  • duanlv1366 duanlv1366 9年前

    Added a question mark as I don't see it in your URL. A better alternative is http_build_query(). Check it out!

    simplexml_load_file(''. // <- Question Mark here
            'doi'       => $_POST[send_doi],
            'noredirect'    => 'true',
            'pid'       => 'APIKEY',
            'format'    => 'unixref',
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  • dongqiao3927 dongqiao3927 9年前

    Try this:

    $xml = simplexml_load_file("'{$_POST['send_doi']}'&noredirect=true&pid=APIKEY&format=unixref");

    Array keys of type string need to be encapsulated in single quotes. When including a variable into a string, use {} to enclose the variable itself.

    Also, make sure you validate that input so you dont have erraneous calls going to that API. Regex works well. See: preg_match().

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