2015-04-13 13:04
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i got the following short lines for showing content in a php file

<p><?php echo $item->post_content; ?></p>

Problem being that when i add a news item from my admin panel in wordpress and use a shortcode the shortcode itself is being displayed instead of the content. Is there any possible way to allow the short code being proccessed in the php file?

It is some kind of news plugin that i must use for the client so cant remove that or use another one.

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  &lt; p&gt;&lt;?php echo $ item-&gt; post_content;  ?&gt;&lt; / p&gt; 

当我在wordpress的管理面板中添加新闻项并使用短代码时,问题是显示短代码本身 而不是内容。 是否有任何可能的方法允许在PHP文件中执行短代码?

这是我必须为客户端使用的某种新闻插件,因此无法删除或使用另一个 。

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  • douzhimei8259 2015-04-13 13:31

    The do_shortcode() function will manually parse a string for any shortcodes:

    echo do_shortcode($item->post_content);

    It's because when you execute echo $item->post_content; by hand, it's not passed through the the_content filter first - which is responsible for things like expanding embedded videos and shortcodes.

    There's also a difference between the_content() and get_the_content() - the former hooks into the filter, expands the shortcodes (and echos the content for you) but the latter just returns the unfiltered content as a variable.

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  • dongzouban9871 2015-04-13 13:18

    There is simple method availalbe in Word Press to execute short code

    $content is the short code need to be executed.

    for more details please refer:


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