2014-08-14 20:03
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PHP fsockopen与HTML5中的WebSockets有何不同? [关闭]

Is it only the server side vs. client side?

Can you have an instant message sent via PHP's fsockopen or am I limited due to polling with Javascript on the other side, the client?

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你能来吗? 有一个通过PHP的fsockopen发送的即时消息,或者由于在另一端使用Javascript进行轮询,我是否受到限制?

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  • douxi0098 2014-08-14 20:19

    fsockopen creates the "normal" system sockets and thus can be used to connect to mail servers etc. WebSockets look similar at first but they are bidirectional data transfer encapsulated inside a HTTP(S) connection. This means, that you cannot use them to directly connect to mail servers etc. Instead you would need to have a WebSocket peer which forwards the data to plain sockets.

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