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使用nodejs + socket.io和mysql聊天

So I want to develop a chat system based on nodejs and, I have made a prototype and it works, the only thing that is stuck in my mind is how to store the chat messages in the database.

I guess is not a good idea to store a message when a user hits the enter button, because this is live chat you could have 1000 just from a user in 30-60 min.

The question is WHEN to store the data in the database, because I don't think that storing right away when the user hits enter will work on the long term?

The chat works on the same idea as facebook.

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    dongleiwei2182 dongleiwei2182 2013-08-07 14:27

    If you are not saving the messages at the moment, how do you plan to save them when you want to?

    The messages sent have been delivered to the client and your server no longer has them, and you can't use the client to store them in a database.

    You need to store the messages as the user sends them.

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