2013-08-07 14:21
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使用nodejs + socket.io和mysql聊天

So I want to develop a chat system based on nodejs and, I have made a prototype and it works, the only thing that is stuck in my mind is how to store the chat messages in the database.

I guess is not a good idea to store a message when a user hits the enter button, because this is live chat you could have 1000 just from a user in 30-60 min.

The question is WHEN to store the data in the database, because I don't think that storing right away when the user hits enter will work on the long term?

The chat works on the same idea as facebook.

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所以我想开发一个基于nodejs和socket.io的聊天系统,我做了一个原型,它的工作原理 ,我唯一想到的就是如何将聊天消息存储在数据库中。

当用户点击输入按钮时,我猜想存储消息不是一个好主意。 ,因为这是实时聊天,你可以在30-60分钟内从用户那里获得1000个。

问题是什么时候将数据存储在数据库中,因为我不认为 当用户点击输入时立即存储将长期工作?


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