2016-08-03 07:12
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如何部署Laravel + NodeJs + Socket.io项目

I created a real-time app using laravel and socket.io + nodejs, but I don't know how could I deploy it

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我使用laravel和socket.io + nodejs创建了一个实时应用程序,但我不知道怎么可能 我部署它

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  • drmlxgmqn18198265 2016-08-03 11:17

    It depends on how you plan to scale in the future. One possibility, especially if you are bootstrapping a project and don't want to spend a lot of time on infrastructure is to:

    1. On a CI tool(Jenkins/TravisCI/Bamboo etc..) you build a "package", most usually a compressed tar that contains ready-to-run copies of the 3 projects.
    2. Using the CI tool, push your package to the server(using SCP maybe).
    3. Manually, execute a "rollout" script, that basically unpacks the package, run migrations(if any), bind ports and hot-reload services(php-fpm, etc..)

    Later on, you can have different servers for different projects, have a docker-based infrastructure, setup a CD pipeline where packages get deployed automatically, etc...

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