2013-07-25 11:10
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I'm using Symfony2 but i'm experiencing a troubling thing.

I have a form, with a textarea field, but each time i press 'enter' to go to the next line it refresh the page (without deleting the previous line)..

Do you have any idea where does it come from?


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Do 你知道它来自哪里吗?


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  • donglan9517 2013-07-25 11:23

    Well for sure you have a submit button on the form. On enter in a form you call the submit butt that refreshes the page!

    In order to prevent that you can just make the button in the type="button" and bind a onclick function so that the submit button is not called on enter!

    However; you will remove the enter feature that calls the submit on the entire form not just in the text area!

    OR --> you can just call a function on keypres or keyup on the text area and e.prevetnDefault();

    I hope my answers helps you!

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