duankuixi1930 2014-01-02 14:51
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Wordpress - 可能在数据库丢失的情况下重建? [关闭]

I have a small wordpress site that was hosted on a VPS and I decided to cancel the VPS a few days before the expiration and move to a cheaper provider as the blog was not getting a lot of visitors.

However because I did my backups in a hurry, I accidentally backed up the MySQL table instead of the actual wordpress table in MySQL. When I decided to restore the site yesterday, I noticed that and unfortunately my previous VPS has passed the expiration and my old provider confirmed that once the VPS is destroyed, they can no longer restore the data.

I do have the entire backup of the wordpress folder and my understanding is that the MySQL table is mostly just storing the settings and user info for Wordpress. So I was thinking if I could do a fresh install of Wordpress and populate the table in my new MySQL DB, and then replace everything by the backup copy of wordpress folder that I have, I should be able to get everything to work.

However when I tried that, I ended up having a blank page and nothing else. My PHP log weren't giving any error either.

Any suggestion?

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  • douying6206 2014-01-02 14:54

    Your content is in the database too. So it's lost.

    You can try scraping off content from Googles Cache and rebuild the site from scratch.

    Sorry about that.

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