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WordPress - 在从数据库下载之前更改post.php中的帖子内容

I have a form in single.php, it submits data to wp_update_post() on the same page. The problem is, whenever single.php loads, my update function launches after The Loop is already loaded and after it has already retrieved that post from the database.

I have to refresh the page to see any changes I made with wp_update_post().

This is how I update the post:

$queried_object = get_queried_object();
$my_post = get_post($queried_object->ID);

if(isset($_POST['submit']) && isset($_POST['singleedit'])) {
    $my_post->post_content = $_POST['singleedit'];

Even if I put it just after the header it's launched after the post in question is downloaded from the DB.

Is there a way to change post's content in single.php before it's downloaded from the database?

EDIT: Excuse me, I realized that I wasn't clear enough. The form is for admins only, it's a wp_editor from which they can update post's content. I already managed all of the layout concerns etc. I want admins to be able to modify the content of the post they're viewing.

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  • dou91736 2014-12-01 20:09

    Generally speaking, you don't want "update" actions to re-render form content. If the user presses refresh on the page, they will get the whole "Are you sure you want to resubmit the form data?" popup. Instead, you'd just want to redirect the user back to the single page after a successful update. And thus, the post would be updated. So after wp_update_post, just call wp_redirect( get_the_permalink() );

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