2013-04-27 15:03
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Does anyone know the syntax for this? I have a PHP file that uses argv to turn a parameter into a variable.

If I use:

php /path/to/local/phpfile/myphpfile.php variable

that works perfectly, but to a remote PHP file:

php http://remotehost/myphpfile.php variable

I get back:

"could not open input file: http://remotehost/myphpfile.php"

Fine, so I try with curl:

curl --data "variable" http://remotehost/myphpfile.php

But the variable does not get passed. Is it possible to pass shell script variables to a remote PHP file? Many thanks in advance.

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有没有人知道这个的语法? 我有一个使用argv将参数转换为变量的PHP文件 。</ p>

如果我使用:</ p>

  php /path/to/local/phpfile/myphpfile.php variable 
 </ code>  </ pre> 

完美无缺,但对于远程PHP文件:</ p>

  php http://remotehost/myphpfile.php variable 
 <  / code> </ pre> 

我回来了:</ p>

 “无法打开输入文件:http://remotehost/myphpfile.php”\  n </ code> </ pre> 

很好,所以我尝试使用curl:</ p>

  curl --data“variable”http:// remotehost  /myphpfile.php

但变量没有通过。 是否可以将shell脚本变量传递给远程PHP文件? 非常感谢提前。 </ p> </ div>

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