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jquery ajax成功没有显示数据

I have a simple form that passes values to php using serialize. Now what I am trying to do is, when the values are passed to php for processing, display a message to the user based on wether there is any data or if the values are empty. I can get the message to display by not doing the checks and having just echo value say 1 for success. Is there a way to display the echo of the php to the user using my code. Thanks

data: send,
      success: function (data) {
      if (data == ''){

if(empty($service) {

echo 'You must select a service level';

if ($department == "Choose Department"} {

echo 'Please select a department';

if (empty($authorised)) {

echo 'You must enter an authorised name';

if ($address == "Choose Address") {

echo 'Please select a retireval address';

if (empty($boxnumber)) {

echo 'You must enter a box number to retrieve';
echo $boxnumber;
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