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Let's say in my DB i have 2 tables. One is named Father with Father_id as PK and Father_name as a row. Then i have the second table as Children with Child_id as PK, Father_id as FK, and Child_name as a row.

Children would have a relationship with Father as Many to One. Many Children to One Father.

So let's say the data looks like this in my controller.

Array([Father_id] => 1 [Children] => Array([0] => John [1] => Peter [2] => Michael))

I pass the data above to my model to insert right but i have to restructure it in a way that i can just send it to my database to insert.

foreach($data as $row){
    for($temp = 0; $temp < count($data['Child_name']); $temp++){
        $query[$temp] = array('Father_id' => $data['Father_id'], 'child_name' => $row[$temp]);

So now it looks like this,

Array([0]=>Array([Father_id] => 1 [Child_name] => John)[1]=>Array([Father_id] => 1 [Child_name] => Peter)[2]=>Array([Father_id] => 1 [Child_name] => Michael))

I understand how to insert this, i'll just have to do another foreach loop or i can just remove the $temp in $query[$temp] and instead put an insert query inside that loop.

My problem is that how can i know that each insert is successful, other than checking the database, i would like to have a return statement like if its only a single insert then if its successful it returns 1.

Also is there any better way to do multiple inserts?


After some needed break i came back and made some changes.

This is now my model function:

        public function insert_children($data){
        foreach($data['child_name'] as $row){
            $query = array('father_id' => $data['father_id'], 'child_name' => $row);
            $result = $this->db->insert('children',$query);
  //return something here

It is essential to return something back to the controller right? for example, i want to return if the inserts were successful or not. So is there any already made function in codeigniter for this? or do i have to make myself.

for example, i can just make a $temp variable to contain an incremental value each time an insert is successful and compare it at the end of the loop to the count($data['children'])

So if there are 3 children the value of $temp should be 3 or 2 depending on declaration if i specify it with 1 like $temp = 1;

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  • dongming6201 2017-12-09 09:41

    You can use affected_rows() function on each loop item to check whether data is inserted or not and return error message only for the data that is not inserted :

    foreach($data as $row) {
        for($temp = 0; $temp < count($data['Child_name']); $temp++){
            // note that I remove [$temp] below
            $query = array('Father_id' => $data['Father_id'], 'child_name' => $row[$temp]);
            if($this->db->affected_rows() == 0) // data not inserted, return error message
              $error[] = $row[$temp];
    // shows error if one or more child name is not inserted
    if (isset($error)) {
        foreach ($error as $child_name) {
            echo $child_name . ' is not inserted';
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