2017-07-05 09:31


Is there a way to search the PHP content body while it is being parsed by PHP for certain keywords, so I can include CSS and JS files based on the presence of those keywords before the page is being served?

If PHP would have a variable like $_CONTENT_BODY where it outputs the parsed page into, then I could search for keywords like in this example:

if(stripos($_CONTENT_BODY, 'usetinymce') !== false)) echo '<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>';

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  • dqls67891 dqls67891 4年前

    You could use ob_start(); and $text = ob_get_contents();. Just make sure that you process these properly, check out

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  • douwen3965 douwen3965 4年前

    You can include another php file and get the results with ob_start/ob_get_clean()

    include 'myfile.php'; 
    $_CONTENT_BODY = ob_get_clean();

    But you will encounters some problems, like white pages on some php errors. It is better to build your app more logicaly instead of doing some dirty search & replace.

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  • dongmou2389 dongmou2389 4年前

    You can assemble a Variable which you can search and output at the End.

    $_CONTENT_BODY  = 'here ';
    $_CONTENT_BODY .= 'is some ';
    $_CONTENT_BODY .= 'content.';
    if(stripos($_CONTENT_BODY, 'some')){
     // do whatever you like
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  • doulao2128 doulao2128 4年前

    You can get the page itself and parse it.

    if (!isset($_GET['doNotCallMeAgain']) || $_GET['doNotCallMeAgain'] !== 1) {
        $urltothisfile = 'urltothefilehimself'+'?doNotCallMeAgain=1';
        $result = file_get_contents ($urltothisfile); //in $result you will get your page as html and you can search in it
    } ?>
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