2017-06-23 16:56
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I want to download 2 user's data from tables, I want to generate excel file of that data.

here is the download function for only one data table called registerdetails.

public function export(){
    $items = registerdetails::all();
    Excel::create('General Trainee Details', function($excel) use($items){
        $excel->sheet('Sheet 1', function($sheet) use($items){

I need this controller to be modified get datas from registerdetails and bankdetails. if anyone can help me to get this solved?

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这里只有一个名为 registerdetails 的数据表的下载功能。

  public function export(){
 $  items = registerdetails :: all(); 
 Excel :: create('General Trainee Details',function($ excel)use($ items){
 $ excel-> sheet('Sheet 1',function($  sheet)使用($ items){
 $ sheet-> fromArray($ items); 
}) - > export('xlsx'); 
  <  / pre> 

我需要修改此控制器从 registerdetails bankdetails 获取数据。 如果有人能帮助我解决这个问题吗?

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