2017-04-05 11:25
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I'm using Wamp in windows 10 pro. earlier I used to program php in an android device with PAW WEB SERVER app. this app would avoid showing any blank pages. for example if I want to load a file named 'test.html' through this server app in android and this file (i.e 'test.html') has got no content in it and its size is 0 bytes than the server would ignore that file and would remain on the same page that had been opened before. so I need such thing in WAMP server can you help me out?

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我在Windows 10专业版中使用Wamp。 earlier我曾经用PAW WEB在Android设备上编程php SERVER app。 这个应用程序会避免显示任何空白页。 例如,如果我想通过Android中的这个服务器应用程序加载名为'test.html'的文件,这个文件(即'test.html')没有内容 在它和它的大小是0字节比服务器会忽略该文件,并将保持在之前打开的同一页面。 我在WAMP服务器中需要这样的事情 你能帮助我吗?

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