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如何将Laravel 5.2 Pagination发送到视图中?

I am using Laravel 5.2 and using a polymorphic relations table for a feeds page. A feed has pictures, articles, and links that have their own respective models. The controller method that I am using for the feed looks like this:

public function index()
    $allActivity = Activity::get();

    $activity = collect();

    foreach($allActivity as $act)

        $modelString = $act->actable_type;
        $class = new $modelString();
        $model = $class->find($act->actable_id);


    return view('feed', compact('activity'));

and here is the feed.blade.php view

  @foreach($activity as $class)
      // Gives me the model name so the correct partial view could be referenced
            $split = explode("\\", get_class($class));
            $model = lcfirst($split[1]);

      @include("partials.{$model}", [$model => $class])

Because of this setup, I can't get pagination using the method outlined in the Laravel documentation. How could I correctly implement pagination using this setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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我正在使用Laravel 5.2并使用多态关系表作为供稿页面。 Feed包含具有各自模型的图片,文章和链接。 我用于feed的控制器方法如下所示:

  public function index()
 $ allActivity = Activity :: get(); 
 $ activity = collect(); 
 foreach($ allActivity as $ act)
 $ modelString = $ act-&gt; actable_type; 
 $ class = new $ modelString(); \  n $ model = $ class-&gt; find($ act-&gt; actable_id); 
 $ activity-&gt; push($ model); 
返回视图('feed',compact(  'activity')); 


   @foreach($ activity as $ class)
 $ split = explode(“\\”,get_class($ class))  ; 
 $ model = lcfirst($ split [1]); 
 @include(“partials。{$ model}”,[$ model =&gt; $ class])

由于这种设置,我无法使用Laravel文档中列出的方法进行分页。 如何使用此设置正确实现分页? 任何帮助将不胜感激。

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  • dongzhi2014 2017-01-23 23:30

    Access your relation using the actable() relation you should have on your Activity model. It will also help you avoid using find() in the loop like you are which will give you an N+1 issue.

    In your activity model you should have an actable method:

    class Activity 
        public function actable()
            return $this->morphTo();

    Then in your view you can lazy load all polymorphic actable relations and pass to the view. You can even keep your view clean and resolve the model name in the map() function:

    public function index()
        $activity = Activity::with('actable')->get()->map(function($activity) {
            $activity->actable->className = lcfirst(class_basename($activity->actable));
            return $activity->actable;
        return view('feed', compact('activity'));

    Then in your view:

    @foreach($activity as $model)   
        @include("partials.{$model->className}", [$model->className => $class])

    To run this with pagination it would be:


    public function index()
        $activities = Activity::with('actable')->paginate(25);
        return view('feed', compact('activities'));


    @foreach($activities as $activity)  
        @include('partials.'.lcfirst(class_basename($activity->actable)), [lcfirst(class_basename($activity->actable)) => $activity])
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