2016-08-22 13:00
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Cloud Foundry上的DokuWiki“您的PHP似乎错过了SSL支持”

I deployed successfully DokuWiki with PHP Buildpack v4.3.14. Because storage is not persistent, this is kind of useless testing (I am waiting for Cloud Foundry Volume Services)

DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database.

$ cat .bp-config/options.json 
        "WEBDIR": ""

I receive this error

Your PHP seems to miss SSL support. Downloading will not work for many DokuWiki extensions.

enter image description here

Howto enable PHP SSL support in PHP buildpack? How do I see all possible options (list) from PHP buildpack? All possible value for .bp-config/options.json

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我使用PHP Buildpack v4.3.14 成功部署了DokuWiki。 因为存储不是持久的,所以这是一种无用的测试(我正在等待 Cloud Foundry Volume Services

DokuWiki 是一个 简单易用,功能多样的Open Source wiki 软件,不需要数据库。

  $ cat .bp-config / options.json  


 您的 PHP似乎错过了SSL支持。 下载不适用于许多DokuWiki扩展。

Howto 在PHP buildpack中启用PHP SSL支持? 如何从PHP buildpack中查看所有可能的选项(列表)? .bp-config / options.json 的所有可能值

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  • duanju9104 2016-08-31 12:44

    I think the possible values for the PHP_MODULES variable are the ones listed in the manifest of the Buildpack. Eg. the openssl module here:

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