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Windows - 以系统/用户身份运行Wamp服务 - 计划任务的权限

Environment: windows, wamp service, php, scheduled task.

To having access for some resources, I configured wamp service to running as user User_A (admin group).

I have a protected folder Protected_Folder: only users in admin group have full access.

I have a scheduled task who execute everyday with User_A account. It is configured to run even if User_A is logged out: a .bat file:

C:/path/to/php.exe my_script.php

However, the scheduled task do not have privilege to create/write a file/folder in Protected_Folder if the user is logged out.

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环境:windows,wamp service,php,schedule task。

To 有权访问某些资源,我将wamp服务配置为以用户 User_A (管理员组)运行。

我有一个受保护的文件夹Protected_Folder:只有admin组中的用户 拥有完全访问权限。

我有一个计划任务,每天使用 User_A 帐户执行。 即使 User_A 已注销,它也被配置为运行: .bat 文件:

  C:/ path / 到/ php.exe my_script.php 

但是,计划任务没有在 Protected_Folder 如果用户已注销。

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  • drq61040 2016-08-05 12:44

    I had the same problem but I do not know if I solved it by a combination of circumstance or because I have found the right solution.

    So I edited my batch file to open a page instead of launching directly the PHP script

    @echo off
    start "" http://localhost/path/to/my_script.php

    And it finally worked, I hope it will help you

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