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So I have been following this tutorial here

I have installed WAMP and the server is up and running just fine. (As the green light in the taskbar indicates).

In the www folder I have the following 2 files:

        <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>First Form</title>

             <form action="postForm.php" method="post">


                name="microBlog" id="microBlog" cols="30" rows=“10">


             <input type="submit">          




    <!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>PHP Test</title>


            $microBlog = $_POST['microBlog'];          
            echo $microBlog;  



However, when I run the html file and input "hello" into the field, clicking the submit button returns a blank screen.

Here is the html screen on open:

enter image description here

and on clicking submit the following is in the address bar:


Any ideas why the blank screen?

Does the PHP (postForm) file require HTML tags or can I get rid of them?

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