2014-01-06 12:08
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从wampstack运行php composer.phar

I want to run php composer.phar update from my apache2/htdocs/reuzze folder. My php file is located in wampstack/php and my folder i want to update in composer in wampstack/apache2/htdocs/reuzze.

I have tried doing this:

php ../apache2/htdocs/reuzze composer.phar update

But I get the error 'Could not open input file : ../apache2/htdocs/reuzze

Whats the rigt link?

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我想从我的apache2 / htdocs / reuzze文件夹运行php composer.phar更新。 我的php文件位于 在wampstack / php和我的文件夹中我想在wampstack / apache2 / htdocs / reuzze中更新作曲家。


   php ../apache2/htdocs/reuzze composer.phar update 

但我收到错误'无法打开输入文件:../ apache2 / htdocs / reuzze


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