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I have an App Service with a Mobile App in Azure cloud platform. The backend API is made using the Easy APIs in Node.js. In the same Resource Group there is also a SQL Server and a SQL Database. The client applications(Android,iOS and a Web app in Angular, PHP or Python) have to authenticate in order to call the API apps.

I am very confused regarding the authentication mechanisms. I want to make a login page for my users in the iOS, Android and Web application but I don't know how to design the authentication mechanism. Potential users will be all the clients who download the mobile applications and a few premium clients.

Should I pick the Azure Active Directory solution or should I make my implementation using the database as storage?

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我在Azure云平台上有一个带有移动应用程序的App Service。 后端API是使用Node.js中的 Easy API 制作的。 在同一个资源组中,还有一个SQL Server和一个SQL数据库。 客户端应用程序(Android,iOS和Angular,PHP或Python中的Web应用程序)必须进行身份验证才能调用API应用程序。

我对身份验证机制非常困惑。 我想在iOS,Android和Web应用程序中为我的用户创建一个登录页面,但我不知道如何设计身份验证机制。 潜在用户将是下载移动应用程序和一些高级客户端的所有客户。

我应该选择Azure Active Directory解决方案,还是应该使用数据库作为存储来实现?

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