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从PHP嵌入Power BI。 获取Azure身份验证令牌OAuth

I'm trying to utilise Power BI Embedded from a PHP based website to embed a non-public Power BI document into a web page (behind a user login).

There is a C# version here that I have got running: https://github.com/Azure-Samples/power-bi-embedded-integrate-report-into-web-app/. I effectively need to replicate this in PHP).

(also see https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/power-bi-embedded-get-started/)

I'm stuck trying to obtain a auth-token.

The C# site generates an auth-token that if I paste into my PHP site, I can use to load the Power BI sheet. However, I'm not sure how to generate this from PHP - presumably a curl request somewhere, but I can't work out what I need to send where? [Edit: I've been sniffing packets and it doesn't seem to make an http request to generate this, so perhaps I just need to know how to generate it myself?]. The C# is using a built in library (PowerBIToken) to do this.

public async Task<ActionResult> Report(string reportId)

        var devToken = PowerBIToken.CreateDevToken(this.workspaceCollection, this.workspaceId);
        using (var client = this.CreatePowerBIClient(devToken))
            var reportsResponse = await client.Reports.GetReportsAsync(this.workspaceCollection, this.workspaceId);
            var report = reportsResponse.Value.FirstOrDefault(r => r.Id == reportId);
            var embedToken = PowerBIToken.CreateReportEmbedToken(this.workspaceCollection, this.workspaceId, report.Id);

            var viewModel = new ReportViewModel
                Report = report,
                AccessToken = embedToken.Generate(this.accessKey)

            return View(viewModel);

I'm looking for a simple solution where I can walk through each step rather than a bloated library if possible.

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