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I have an issue for sorting results by polymorphic relation in Laravel . Suppose we have two table like this :

users table : 
- integer id
- string  name 

meta table : 
- integer id
- string  key
- string  value 
- string  owner_type
- integer owner_id 

Relation between users table and meta table is polymorphic relation. So we have some users that each of them has some meta This is a hypothetical example of database records ( with meta )

id      1
name    "user1"
meta : 
   id           3
   key          "test"
   value        "3"
   owner_type   "App\\User"
   owner_id     1

   id           2
   key          "some other key"
   value        "some other value"
   owner_type   "App\\User"
   owner_id     1

id      2
name    "user2"
meta :
   id           3
   key          "test"
   value        "2"
   owner_type   "App\\User"
   owner_id     2

Now I want sort users results by meta value column where key is test . something like this :

$results = User::with(['meta' => function($q){
     $q->where('key' , 'test');

But of course the code above does not work

What's your solution ? If we want get users from database and sort results by value of a meta witch has a special key what we should do ?

note : I want sort the data before getting results

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    dongyan9950 dongyan9950 2018-05-07 14:26

    What about a join?

    $results = User::join('meta', '', '=', 'meta.owner_id')
                       ->select('', '')
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