2018-12-05 19:47
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Currently I'm developing a php scipt to import and keep synced a prestashop database with data coming from a management software.

Is it a good method to insert data directly on the database or is it better to use the prestashop classes.

Can you give an exemplo how to import categories with class method ?

Kind regards

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目前我正在开发一个php scipt进行导入,并使用来自管理软件的数据同步prestashop数据库。 </ p>

将数据直接插入数据库是一种好方法,还是使用prestashop类更好。 </ p>

您能举例说明如何使用类方法导入类别吗? </ p>

亲切的问候</ p> </ div>

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