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I have what seems to be a relatively simple issue that has caused more problems than I thought it would. As you probably know, HTML5 no longer supports the "datetime" input for a form field, and only supports "datetime-local". When I try to insert "datetime-local" into my database through a form on my website, I obviously get an error because of the extra character included in "datetime-local". What I am trying to do, and why I need a datetime field as opposed to just a date and/or time in their own respective fields is because I want to use Carbon to display my datetime in different formats. How can I insert datetime through HTML form into mysql table without manually inserting the value into my database?

EDIT: Here is all of the relevant code that I am trying to achieve this with. I am using Laravel to build this application

game/create form:

<select name="season_id">

        @foreach ($seasons as $season)

        <option name="season_id" value="{{ $season->id }}">{{ $season->season }} {{ $season->year }}</option>



<label for="inputDateTime" class="sr-only">DateTime</label>
    <input type="datetime-local" name="gdatetime" id="inputDateTime" class="form-control" placeholder="DateTime" required autofocus>

<label for="inputOpponent" class="sr-only">Opponent</label>
    <input type="text" name="opponent" id="inputOpponent" class="form-control" placeholder="Opponent" required autofocus>

<label for="inputLocation" class="sr-only">Location</label>
    <input type="text" name="location" id="inputLocation" class="form-control" placeholder="Location" required autofocus>

<label for="inputField" class="sr-only">Field</label>
    <input type="text" name="field" id="inputField" class="form-control" placeholder="Field" required autofocus>

game controller:

$game = Game::create(request(['gdatetime', 'opponent', 'location', 'field', 'season_id']));

Also, in my Game model, I have defined this:

protected $dates = ['gdatetime'];
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  • doubleyou1001 2017-05-22 18:28

    You can always parse your datetime inputs to carbon instance and store them in the database. Parsing will take care of the headache that comes with formatting the input before storing. You can then display them in any format whenever needed.

    $date = \Carbon\Carbon::parse($request->input('datetime'));

    Edit : Based on your comments and update, do this.

    $data = request(['opponent', 'location', 'field', 'season_id']);
    $data['gdatetime'] = \Carbon\Carbon::parse(request('gdatetime'));
    $game = Game::create($data);
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