doushan2811 2017-05-01 13:55
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Good day everyone,

I'm currently realising a system that lets colleagues fill in their worked hours and what they worked on. I save those into the database using a time_stamp (date) named in the table. Now I have been trying to get the values of the filled in registrations of last week (I created some dummy times). And I have been trying to use Carbon and the Eloquent query builder at the same time, and i'm completely stuck. Would anyone mind to help me out?

$currentDate = \Carbon\Carbon::now('GMT+2');

    $agoDate = $currentDate->subDays($currentDate->dayOfWeek)->subWeek();

    $weekly = Hoursregistration::pluck('date')->agoDate($currentDate);
    return $weekly;

Is the code that should pick up the dates from the db (which works). But when I try to put in the variables containing the carbon methods. It doesnt work and throw me a Method agoDate does not exist. (View: /var/www/clients/client0/web319/web/resources/views/hoursregistrations/index.blade.php) error.

I would love some help as this is crucial to my education (kind of in a tight spot rn.)

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  • duandeng1824 2017-05-02 07:38

    As you ask for: all Hoursregistration records from 1 week ago until now

    // Current date + GMT(+2) as stated in your question
    $currentDate = Carbon::now('GMT+2');
    // Date exactly 1 week ago
    $agoDate = $currentDate->subDays($currentDate->dayOfWeek)->subWeek();
    // Records with date -between- two values
    // $weekly = Hoursregistration::whereBetween('date', [$agoDate, Carbon::now('GMT+2')])->get();
    // Or even simpler, all records where date is 'higher' than 1 week ago
    $weekly = Hoursregistration::where('date', '>', $agoDate)->get();
    // Getting the dates with the `pluck` method on the returned $weekly collection
    $dates = $weekly->pluck('date');
    return $weekly;
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