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im running PDFLib 9.x on a linux server with php 5.4. I need to get a list of all layers of a certain input PDF and then apply changes to some of them (visibility to be exact). Been digging through the API reference for quite some time now but can only find functions which create new layers in the output document and modify those. Also google doesnt supply anything valuable. I've found this example on their website but it's in Java and i lack the expertise to apply this code to PHP.

Maybe someone could help me out?

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我在php服务器上使用php 5.4运行PDFLib 9.x. 我需要获取某个输入PDF的所有图层的列表,然后对其中一些应用更改(确切地说是可见性)。 一直在挖掘API参考很长一段时间,但只能找到在输出文档中创建新图层并修改它们的函数。 谷歌也没有提供任何有价值的东西。 我在他们的网站上找到了这个例子,但它是用Java编写的,我缺乏将这些代码应用于PHP的专业知识。

https://www.pdflib。 com / pcos-cookbook / special / layers /


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