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Laravel - 使用ajax将2个变量从视图传递到控制器

I have this function for my delete button

<a href="#" onclick='deleteFile("{{ ($event->id) }}", "{{ ($file->name) }}")' class="btn btn-danger btn-xs delete">L&ouml;schen</a>

and the route in routes/web.php

Route::post('/delete-file', 'MyController@deleteEventFile');

that hits this function

public function deleteEventFile($eventid, $filename){

and this is my ajax function:

function deleteFile(eventid, filename){
      url: '/delete-file/',
      type: "post",
      data:{ _token: "{{csrf_token()}}", eventid: eventid, filename: filename },
      dataType: 'json',

And i always get this error:

Missing argument 1 for App\Http\Controllers\MyController::deleteEventFile()

my variables can't get through... How to pass the eventid and filename to controller

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    doucaishou0074 doucaishou0074 2016-12-07 14:57

    According to your code, you are expecting route to give 2 params - eventid & filename into the controller method.

    Instead it you should code your method like this:

    public function deleteEventFile() {
       $event_id = request()->get('eventid');
       $file_name = request()->get('filename');

    Fetch the POST data from the laravel's request() method instead.

    Hope this helps!

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