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How can I secure data from being change if user used inspect element in chrome to change id, price..etc, I know I can't prevent users from using inspect element and do changes but I dont want these changes to have effect I used this in blade to pass data from button using ajax

<button id="Item_root" data-id="{{$product->product_id}}"  data-detailsfield="{{$product->product_details}}" data-titlefield="{{$product->product_title}}" data-pricefield="{{$product->product_price}}" data-photofield="{{ asset('images/' . $product->product_image) }}" class="Item_root Button_root">

and from inspect element user can see it like this:

    <button id="Item_root" data-id="19" data-detailsfield="Serves 6-8 People" data-titlefield="Package # 8U" data-pricefield="105.99" data-photofield="http://localhost/crisp/public/images/Chicken-Fajitas.jpg" class="Item_root Button_root">
   <div class="Item_image" style="background-image:url('http://localhost/crisp/public/images/Chicken-Fajitas.jpg');"></div>
   <div class="Item_itemContent">
      <div class="Item_topSection">
         <span class="Item_name styles_just-right styles_base styles_spacing-base">Package # 8U</span>
         <span class="Item_price styles_just-right styles_base styles_spacing-base styles_semibold">$105.99</span>
      <div class="Item_description styles_small styles_base styles_spacing-base styles_line-default">Serves 6-8 People</div>
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