2016-11-25 18:52
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I have a file (confirm.js) which will redirect a login page to a home page if the Username and Password were entered correctly. I am getting an error on the line:

<?php header("Location: ../MedCompany/homepage.php ?>

The error that I am receiving from the console is as following:

Uncaught Syntaxerror: Unexpected token <

How should I include the php code within my javascript document so it can redirect to another php file. Why is my code incorrect?

I thought <php? php code ?> is the proper way of doing this

$('document').ready(function () {
    button = document.getElementById("button");
    button.onclick = function () {
        var data = $("#loginform").serialize();
            type: 'POST',
            url: '../MedCompany/php/welcome.php',
            data: data,
            success: function (response) {
                console.log("response was " + response);
                if (response == "Login Succesfull") {
                    header("Location: ../MedCompany/homepage.php");
                else {
                    $("#error").html('<div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">;' + response + '</div>');

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我有一个文件(confirm.js),如果用户名和密码,它会将登录页面重定向到主页 输入正确。 我收到错误:

 &lt;?php header(“Location:../ MedCompany / homepage.php?&gt; 
  <  / pre> 


Uncaught Syntaxerror:意外的令牌&lt;


我认为&lt; php?php code?&gt; 是这样做的正确方法

  $('document')。ready(function(function)  ){
 button = document.getElementById(“button”); 
 button.onclick = function(){
 var data = $(“#loginform”)。serialize(); 
 $ .ajax({\  n类型:'POST',
 url:'.. / MedCompany / php / welcome.php',
 console.log(“response was”+ 响应); 
 if(response ==“Login Succesfull”){
 header(“Location:../ MedCompany / homepage.php”); 
 else {
 $(“#error”)。html('&lt; div  class =“alert alert-info”role =“alert”&gt ;;'+ response +'&lt; / div&gt;'); 
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  • drazvzi741287 2016-11-25 19:00

    You can't just plonk a bit of PHP in the middle of Javascript code and expect it to do what you want. The Javascript parser is attempting to parse it as Javascript and, funnily enough, isn't managing it.

    You need to redirect the browser using Javascript methods, i.e. setting the window.location object:

    window.location = "../MedCompany/homepage.php";

    Using the PHP method will only work when the PHP engine is working, i.e. when the code is being executed on the server, not in the browser.

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