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I have a postgre SQL database that has 2 instances of a database as well as a new database; enter image description here

See Highlighted portion

I am trying to connect my codeigniter application using

   "return $conn_string = "hostaddr port dbname=OGSDB user password";

The above connection works but if I change it to

   "return $conn_string = "hostaddr port dbname=ogsdbdev user password";

It fails to connect. I tried creating a new server (dashboard_prd_01192016) but I couldn't differentiate it within the connection string (both dashboard_prd_01192016 and devdb share the same IP and port info) and changing the database name ( ogsdbdev) doesn't work.

My question is, what can I do to either the connection string or the database server so I can connect to either dashboard_prd_01192016.OGSDB or devdb.ogsdbdev.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer

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  • dongpeng7744 dongpeng7744 5年前

    The postgresql process can only run 1 server on the same IP and port at the same time. If you are trying to run 2 different db servers with the same IP and port you will only be able to have 1 running at a time. If "both dashboard_prd_01192016 and devdb share the same IP and port info" then they won't both be running at the same time.

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