douci2022 2015-12-09 06:48
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I have a file named /root/folder/myfile.php that will handle incoming packets from a specific port by a GPS device.

When I use [root@main ~] php /root/folder/myfile.php, everything works fine.

I need this file run every second to listen.

I researched for a while and figured out that using php cli is a solution, so I tried above command but as long as the shell is open (I'm using PUTTY), file is executing and when I close the shell, process will be killed.

How can I (where can I) add a command that will run this file every second, or may be in realtime?

I'm using linux centOS 6.5.

Thanks in advance

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  • duanpai1033 2015-12-09 06:52
    nohup php myscript.php &

    the & puts your process in the background. The solution from Run php script as daemon process To kill it:
    1) display all running proceses with: ps aux | less or top command
    2) find pid(process id) and kill with: kill pid

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