2015-11-02 13:43
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Hello i want to change the e-mail answer after a successfull order in my Opencart store.

I just want to add more text in the email.

As far as i know i need to go in :


and change the code there but when I do so ,nothing changes.

I am so sorry for my bad English.

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您好我想在Opencart商店中成功订购后更改电子邮件答案。 \ n



   catalog / view / theme / default / template / mail / order.tpl 

并在那里更改代码,但是当我这样做时,没有任何变化。< / p>


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  • dongtanhe4607 2015-11-03 01:23

    You are not supposed to go inside the .tpl file

    Go here:


    you will find this line:

    $_['text_new_greeting']         = "Your text HERE";

    Chnage the text inside the "" marks.

    That is for Opencart 1.x (i am not sure for 2.0)

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  • doushe8577 2015-11-03 04:36
    1. Go in the language file /catalog/language/*/mail/order.php.

    2. At the end of file, paste this $_['text_new'] = "Your Text";. The model catalog/model/checkout/order.php automatically calls language file so you wont have to call it, but you would have to declare the variable in your model. Go through it and see where mail variables are being made. Add your variable over there. $data['text_new'] = $this->language->get('text_new');

    3. Go to catalog/view/theme/default/template/mail/order.tpl and call your the variable $text_new where ever you need.

    That's it.

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