2015-10-28 00:31
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I have a wordpress site online and I'd like to integrate Magento into my existing site.

Okay so I want to

  • Download the Magento files
  • Setup my Apache configuration, for this I already have my site configuration, so I was thinking about putting magento in this url ... but for this on apache should I use "location" directive?
  • What else do I need to consider?

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我在网上有一个 wordpress 网站,我想将Magento整合到我现有的网站中 网站。


  • 下载Magento文件
  • 设置我的Apache 配置,对于这个我已经有我的网站配置,所以我在考虑将magento放在这个url中的 ...但是对于apache我应该使用“location”指令吗? \ n
  • 我还需要考虑什么?
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  • dongsi0625 2015-10-28 10:29

    The best way to go about is install Magento in new folder and create new database as Magento requires a lot of resources and you don't want get it mixed.

    It all depends what exactly is that you planning to achieve. Either to use your domain name as a main ecommerce and setup the Wordpress as a directory

    if it's a blog or something, or you can setup an alias that points to the folder and have something like this:

    Another way to do it if you would like to have everything integrated is to use FishPig Extension and then simply update all the WordPress plugins and point it to your existing database.

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  • duanluangua8850 2015-10-28 00:51

    these are two seperate programs so best would be to get a plugin for wordpress and integrate magento inside there are a few plugins like this out there

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