2018-06-02 11:15



WordPress version: 4.9.6

404 plugin installed: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/404page/

Page url: https://landhaus-himmelpfort.de/

When I try to visit a non-existing site on my url and get a 404 error, every post is displayed. First I tried to change the 404.php in my theme's folder, than I moved to the 404page plugin (https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/404page/) but nothing helped. I already tried to deactivate all plugin but the issue remained.

My question is: How can I 'install' my own personal 404 page and why does WordPress display all my posts in the current state?

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  • drqn5418 drqn5418 3年前

    you can use this plugin i think you will solve your 404 page solve..

    this plugin

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  • dozug64282 dozug64282 3年前

    Now after clearing all caches and reinstalling the plugin, it suddenly works.

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