2017-04-03 19:46
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Laravel - 将表单数据传递到另一个页面以继续表单

I'm having trouble passing form data from one view to another, I don't want to validate the data and insert it into the database. I just need the data so I can insert it into a larger form.

I tried redirecting my post model with the variables from the first part of the form to the full form so I can display the data from the first form.

public function postQuote(Request $request)
    $fromDest = $request->input('from-dest');
    $toDest = $request->input('to-dest');

    return redirect('/quote')->with('fromDest', $fromDest)
        ->with('toDest', $fromDest);

But the variable doesn't pass. Is there any other method I can use to simply just pass the data onto another page?

I'm pretty new to Laravel, mostly used to the traditional ways of dealing with forms.

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我无法将表单数据从一个视图传递到另一个视图,我不想验证数据和 将其插入数据库。 我只需要数据,所以我可以将它插入更大的形式。

我尝试使用从表单第一部分到完整表单的变量重定向我的帖子模型,以便我可以显示 第一种形式的数据。

 公共函数postQuote(Request $ request)
 $ fromDest = $ request-> input('from-dest')  ; 
 $ toDest = $ request-> input('to-dest'); 
返回重定向('/ quote') - > with('fromDest',$ fromDest)
  - &gt  ; with('toDest',$ fromDest); 

但变量未通过。 有没有其他方法可以简单地将数据传递到另一个页面?


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  • douguanci9158 2017-04-03 22:43

    You must store data in session to use it in the next request

    See the docs Flash Data

    i hope this will help you.

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