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使用Ajax PHP formData上传文件和数据提交XHR

hello friend i am trying to upload data and files at some time via ajax with this form:

<form id="formarea" class="form-horizontal" name="desk">
<input type="text" class="form-control " name="i_txt_2">
<input type="number" class="form-control " name="i_txt_3" required>
<input type="file" name='i_files_1'>
<input type="file" name='i_files_2'>
<input type="file" name='i_files_3'>


$('[id^="save"]').on("click", function (event, xhr, settings) {
        var id =;
        var name = $("#formarea").attr("name");
            type:"POST",url:"index.php",data:$("#formarea").serialize()+ '&idprocess=' + id + '&idform=' + name,
                error: function(xhr,status,error){console.log(error)},
                success:    function(response) {
                    $("#MsgArea").removeClass("").addClass("alert alert-warning alert-dismissable");

issues: on request i am not received in server side php serialized of Input File: i_files_1 how can i concatenate the dile to data sent:

data:$("#formarea").serialize()+ '&idprocess=' + id + '&idform=' + name + '&Files' + files[]Serialized ,

UPDATE Problem Solved:

//If you have button to submit Form
$('[id^="BTN-"]').on("click", function (event, xhr, settings) {
    var id =; //get id buton to filter if you like get control over the button clicked
    var req = 0;
    $('#formarea *').filter(':input').each(function(){ //filter all requiered input field
        if($(this).val() === "" && $(this).attr('required')){req ++;}
    if(req == 0){
        var name = $("#formarea").attr("name"); //get name of form if you like get control over the form submited
        var input1 = $("<input>").attr("type", "hidden").attr("name", "idprocess").val(id); //Adding field for more controls if you neet handle from PHP
        var input2 = $("<input>").attr("type", "hidden").attr("name", "idform").val(name); //Adding field for more controls if you neet handle from PHP
        $('#formarea').append($(input1)); //inserting on Html
        $('#formarea').append($(input2)); //inserting on Html
        event.preventDefault(); //prevent default submit
        //get form an serialize data with FormData
        var $form       = $("#formarea"), 
            formData    = new FormData(),
            params      = $form.serializeArray();               
        var inputs = $("input[type=file]");
        //Get all Input tipe Files
        $.each(inputs, function (obj, v) {
            // Prefix the name of uploaded files with "uploadedFiles-"
            // Of course, you can change it to any string
            var file = v.files[0];
            var name = $(v).attr("name");//you can work with the name
            formData.append(name, file);
        // Add all params to the formData
        $.each(params, function(i, val) {
            formData.append(, val.value);
        //performing the submit
            url: $form.attr('action'),
            data: formData,
            cache: false,
            contentType: false,
            processData: false,
            type: 'POST',
            error: function(xhr,status,error){console.log(error)},
            success:    function(response) {
                alert(response);//print response server

        alert("Error: You must fill all field, there " + req + " Empty Fields.");//handle Error Empty Fields



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