dongzhabo2796 2016-04-22 17:50
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Sublime Text自动完成功能,括号中是否有变量?

If I already have this written

$company_id = isset($_POST['cid']) ? $_POST['cid'] : null;

And I want to wrap a function call around $_POST['cid'], is there a way to put that inside the autocompleted function's parentheses?

Instead of me typing this:

$company_id = isset($_POST['cid']) ? Validate::isId()$_POST['cid'] : null;

and then having to erase the right parenthesis, is there a shortcut to wrap the param when sublime autocompletes the function for me?

$company_id = isset($_POST['cid']) ? Validate::isId($_POST['cid']) : null;

Using Mac Yosemite and SublimeText 3.

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  • drt41563 2016-04-22 20:57

    You can create a custom snippet that accepts a SELECTION argument:


    Save The Code Below @:



    testFunction(${1:$SELECTION}, ${2:PlaceHolder_2})

    The use of placeholders, for example: ${1:placeholder_text_goes_here} , allows you to assign descriptive pre-selected regions throughout your snippet that can be navigated with <kbd>Tab</kbd> & <kbd>Shift + Tab</kbd>

    Additionally, you can replace one of the placeholders with $SELECTION, for example: ${1:$SELECTION} , which will pass the currently selected text as an argument if you execute the snippet from the command palette or a key-binding.

    To insert the snippet:

    • select the text to be passed as the $SELECTION argument
    • use <kbd>Ctrl + Shift + P</kbd> to launch the command palette
    • type Snippet: followed by the value of the <description> key in your sublime-snippet file

    For more information on snippets, see:

    SublimeText / Unofficial Docs / Snippets

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