2014-08-03 23:34
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Sublime text 2中的Dreamweaver默认页面设置?

I really like dreamweaver and am trying to switch to sublime text. The only thing missing in sublime text is that when you create a new document you have to fill in all the page info (<!doctype html>, <html>, <head>) In dreamweaver it did this for you. Is there a way to do this in Sublime text? Thanks

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我真的很喜欢Dreamweaver,我正在尝试切换到崇高的文本。 崇高文本中唯一缺少的是,当您创建新文档时,您必须填写所有页面信息(&lt;!doctype html&gt;,&lt; html&gt;,&lt; head&gt; )In Dreamweaver它为你做到了这一点。 有没有办法在Sublime文本中这样做? 谢谢

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  • dpwdsmbvm496180204 2015-05-05 06:31

    There are plugins for this. Such as SublimeTmpl

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  • dpn517111 2014-08-03 23:45

    What you need is the SublimeTmpl which does exactly that. Install it using the Package Manager. Then press CTRL+SHIFT+P and type "Install" and hit ENTER.

    Then, search for SublimeTmpl. Finally, create a new file and press CTRL+ALT+H and you should get something like this:

    enter image description here

    Of course, this can work for many other types of files (html, js, css, php, python, ruby, etc.) and you'd have to hit their required keystroke for that.

    Here are the default key bindings:

    ctrl+alt+h html

    ctrl+alt+j javascript

    ctrl+alt+c css

    ctrl+alt+p php

    ctrl+alt+r ruby

    ctrl+alt+shift+p python

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