dousi1970 2015-06-25 09:56
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Started learning php this week and had many doubts, but this is one of them which i couldn't find solution(Maybe i didn't know the right keyword to search for).

Is it possible to read variables in URL as a function inside a php file, for example :

Here demo_app is the folder, phone_api is the php file, and i want to invoke the function login, where harsha and harshapass is the paramaters to that function.

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  • douchao1957 2015-06-25 10:01

    You'll need 2 things for this.

    The first is mod_rewrite, this is an apache module. With this module you can rewrite the URL like you want, so that /demo_app/phone_api/ will redirect to your php file.

    I advice that you read a tutorial somewhere about this, for example here.

    Second thing is that you need to parse the URL.

    With $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] you get the URL. With explode and/or preg_match you can parse this string into the parts you want (function, parameters, whatever).

    If you have a more specific question about this, you can ask this here (in a new topic).

    Good luck!

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