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I have a button that appears when you hover over a certain row of a table. How would I edit that specific row with a button when I click on the button? Currently I'm making the buttons appear and disappear with css:

button.editBtn{ visibility: hidden;}
tr:hover button.editBtn { visibility: visible;}

My html code for the table is:

<div class="well">
                <h2>Grocery List</h2> 
                <table class="table table-striped table-bordered table-condensed table-hover">
                        $index = 0;
                        $index_2 = 1;
                        $r = "r";
                        foreach ($item_array as $id_array){ ?>

                            <tr id="r<?php echo $r.$index_2; ?>">
                             <td><?php echo $item_array[$index] ?></td>
                                <td> <?php echo $quantity_array[$index] ?></td>
                        <form method='POST' action='edit.php'>
                            <?php echo $price_array[$index];?>
                            <div id="editButtons">
                                <button type="button" id="e<?php echo $r.$index_2; ?>" style="align-content:right;" class="editBtn btn btn-sm btn-warning"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-edit"></span></button>
                                <button type="button" id="d<?php echo $r.$index_2; ?>" style="align-content:right;" class="editBtn btn btn-sm btn-danger"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></span></button>
                                <button type="button" id="s<?php echo $r.$index_2; ?>" style="align-content:right;" class="editBtn btn btn-sm btn-success"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-circle-arrow-right"></span></button>

                        echo "</tr>";
                        } ?>


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