Facebook PHP SDK通知没有出现在Facebook ios通知中?

I have a web based app that sometimes send notifications to users using the following:

$response = $facebook->api('/'.$userId.'/notifications', 'POST', array(
                           'template' => 'A template here',
                           'href' => 'link-here',
                           'access_token' => 'part1|part2'));

It works as expected and the users get the notification if browsing Facebook in a browser however the notification does not appear in the Facebook app on iphones or any mobile devices?

Why is this, have I missed a setting in the developer setup?


根据通知API - </ p>

逻辑是,在网络上,如果Canvas设置存在,我们总是显示'Canvas URL + href' 。 如果没有,我们什么都不显示。 在未来</ strong>(不在此版本中),我们还将使用现有的URL重写逻辑来支持移动</ strong>画布和本机移动应用。 我们还将一些特殊的跟踪参数(fb_source,notif_id,notif_t)附加到目标URL,供开发人员跟踪。</ p>
</ blockquote>

由于此API已经处于测试阶段 ,你应该等待移动设备的下一个版本,这在当前版本中没有处理。</ p>
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According to the documentation of Notifications API-

The logic is that, on web, if Canvas setting exists, we always show 'Canvas URL + href'. If not, we show nothing. In the future (not in this version), we will also use existing URL re-writing logic to support mobile canvas and native mobile apps. We also append some special tracking params (fb_source, notif_id, notif_t) to the target URL for developers to track at their side.

Since this API is already in beta, you should wait for the next release for the mobile thing, this isn't handled in current version.

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