2014-11-23 00:02
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I'm trying to run a simple tutorial with wampserver 2 ... as a simple test i made a new folder named test under the folder "www" and i turned wampserver online. In the folder test i have "test.php" contains a simple script . I went to localhost and i selected the folder from the section "your projects" but all the time the server redirect me to this url test/ with the message "the webpage is not avilable" I'm missing something ?
test.php :

 <? php
echo "hello";

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我正在尝试使用wampserver 2运行一个简单的教程...作为一个简单的测试我创建了一个新的文件夹 在“www”文件夹下命名测试,我在wampserver在线。 在文件夹测试中,我有“test.php”包含一个简单的脚本。 我去了localhost,我从“你的项目”部分选择了该文件夹,但是服务器一直将我重定向到这个url test /并带有消息“ 网页不可用“ 我错过了什么?

 &lt;?  php 
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  • dongyan5815 2014-11-23 00:48

    Follow this: Project Links do not work on Wamp Server

    The user has the same issue it seems to me from reading your post.

    Also, try removing the spacing between

    echo 'hello world';
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