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I have a datatables with some inputs in certain columns that are editable. I want to save the edited values in db.

This is my datatables:

enter image description here

The serialized datatables from values looks like this (if you print_r($_POST) for debugging):

enter image description here

javascript - I post the datatables form via ajax request to my laravel api controller method like this:

// Serialize the datatable table into post string
var poDetailUpdates = create_po_details_table.$('input').serialize();

// Call po api to save changes
    type: "POST",
    data: poDetailUpdates,
    url: '/api/po/update-create-lines/',
    complete: function(response) {
        if (response.status === 200) {
            alert(response.responseText); // success
        } else {
            alert(response.responseText); // error

php - this is how I handle my form post in laravel:

public function postUpdateCreateLines() {
    try {
        foreach ($_POST as $column_name => $values) {
            foreach ($values as $line_id => $new_value) {
                    ->where('id', '=', $line_id)
                    ->update(array($column_name => $new_value));
        Response::make('Purchase order details updated', 200);
    } catch (Exception $ex) {
        Response::make('Purchase order details not updated - '. $ex->getMessage(), 500);

When the code runs, I get an empty alert() in javascript once the ajax request completes.

I thought the issue might be with the DB transaction related code, so I tried commenting out the following:

// DB::beginTransaction();
// DB::commit();
// DB::rollback();

But this also yields the same result (empty alert). Any idea what might be wrong? how to debug this? Something must be going wrong somewhere...

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  • doutan3371 2014-10-27 22:08

    Your postUpdateCreateLines() method is not actually returning anything; you are making a response, but you need to return it:

    return Response::make('Purchase order details updated', 200);

    However, there are some other improvements you could make. It is best to return a JSON response to your $.ajax call, and then rely on jQuery's ajax .done and .fail handlers to deal with the response appropriately (rather than using complete):

    return Response::json(
        ['status' => 'success', 
         'msg'    => 'Purchase order details updated']
         , 200) 

    ...and add the response dataType to your ajax call:

    dataType: "json"
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