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I have what I thought would be a simple process updating old "mysql" code to "mysqli." In a number of places there was code that iterated through a multi-dimensional array to get the values. I'm trying to make a similar loop and use either mysqli_fetch_array or mysqli_fetch_all and am just banging my head against a wall. Either the process fails (hang) or else it doesn't return any values. I have looked all over the web and found various examples, none of which have quite worked...often they're not for procedural method (

I currently have:

$query2 = "SELECT * FROM mp WHERE email='$email'";

//connect to database    
$con = mysqli_connect($host,$username,$password,$database);                 

$result2=@mysqli_query($con, $query2);
$array = mysqli_fetch_array($result2, MYSQLI_BOTH);
@mysqli_close($con);  //question...does this need to come later, after num_rows?


while ($a < $num2)
//cycle through to get info...this comes up blank, when it should have 3 sets of values.
            echo "Column: ".$var1." and ID: ".$var2;

I've seen a lot of answers that essentially say "Use PDO" or "why use procedural? Object oriented is the way to go" but I'm really not looking to do a different style. It would be great to just know what's causing the above to fail. I can't be too far off, right? Thank you in advance for the help!

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