2014-06-25 23:42
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WAMP图标为橙色 - 尝试skype并安装apache服务修复程序

My WAMP icon is randomly orange. I think the only change I've made to this computer is installing Windows Visual Studio Express.

I've followed this on solving it... including changing Skype port and installing apache service fixes: Wampserver 2.1 gives orange icon after install on Windows 7

It gives the following... I have no idea what Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 is... but more importantly why WAMP isn't running on this port:

enter image description here

Other things I've tried:

Any other suggestions?


enter image description here

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我的WAMP图标是随机的橙色。 我认为我对这台计算机所做的唯一改变是安装Windows Visual Studio Express。

我已经解决了这个问题...包括更改Skype端口和安装apache服务修复程序 : Wampserver 2.1在Windows上安装后会显示橙色图标 7

它给出了以下内容......我不知道 Microsoft-HTTPAPI / 2.0 是什么......但更重要的是为什么WAMP不是 在这个端口上运行:


  • 在System32 / drivers / hosts文件中,更改 :: 1 localhost localhost ,但它已经设置正确的方法: http://forum.wampserver.com/read.php?2,70321
  • 查看WAMP apache错误日志: 什么



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  • doudi2431 2014-06-26 15:00

    This one bit me as well - see http://www.ferolen.com/blog/microsoft-httpapi2-0-use-port-80-cannot-start-wamp-apache/ for more detail. You need to deactivate the "Web Deployment Agent Service" (MsDepSvc) service.

    Several references to that service here on SO as well, like here, it doesn't seem useful at all when you're using a non IIS stack.

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