2014-03-19 17:07
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This seems like it should be a fairly easy question, but Google is not yielding results.

I'm writing a WordPress plugin that processes data from Gravity Forms after the submission is complete. I'm using the gform_after_submission hook.

This passes an "Entry Object" to my function for processing. Most of the values I can extract just fine. So for example:

$eventDate = $e[2];

...Works just fine. This is a date field. All I have to do is pull the value out of the entry object with the proper index.

My issue is getting the value of a particular checkbox. I need to see if it was checked or not.

This doesn't work:

$checkbox = $e[4];

I'm guessing it's because a checkbox field can have multiple values. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to get to the value of each specific checkbox.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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我正在编写一个WordPress插件,在提交完成后处理来自Gravity Forms的数据。 我正在使用 gform_after_submission 钩子。

这会将“Entry Object”传递给我的函数进行处理。 我能提取的大多数值都很好。 例如:

$ eventDate = $ e [2];

...工作正常。 这是一个日期字段。 我所要做的就是使用适当的索引从入口对象中提取值。

我的问题是获取特定复选框的值。 我需要查看它是否被检查过。


$ checkbox = $ e [4] ;

我猜这是因为复选框字段可以有多个值。 不幸的是,我不确定如何获得每个特定复选框的值。


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  • douqi5079 2014-03-19 18:17

    If no checkbox value is set manually, the variable will have the value "on". Please do a var_dump($e); and post the result.

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