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We currently have a fully functional CAS implementation using JSP, but want to migrate it to a PHP implementation.

Currently, we have a central CAS server that authenticates the user and redirects them to a landing page(in JSP), which then takes their authentication data and passes it onto a third-party-application.

In this JSP we use the following snippet to retrieve the user's data

String usr = request.getParameter("id");
String nid = session.getAttribute("netid");


How do I retrieve this information using PHP?

I have tried doing:

  • $_GET
  • $_POST

and more.

I have a feeling that I may need to install phpCAS in order to do this, but do not want to do so unless absolutely necessary.

Thank you for your time.

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背景:</ strong> </ p>

我们目前有一个 使用JSP的全功能CAS实现,但希望将其迁移到PHP实现。</ p>

目前,我们有一个中央CAS服务器,用于对用户进行身份验证并将其重定向到登录页面(在JSP中) 然后,它获取其身份验证数据并将其传递给第三方应用程序。</ p>

在此JSP中,我们使用以下代码段来检索用户的数据</ p> \ n

 字符串usr = request.getParameter(“id”); 
String nid = session.getAttribute(“netid”); 
 </ code> </ pre> 

< strong>问题</ strong> </ p>

如何使用PHP检索此信息?</ p>

我尝试过:</ p> \ ñ

  • $ _ GET </ LI>
  • $ _ POST </ LI>
  • $ _ REQUEST </ LI>
  • $ _ SESSION </ LI> </ ul>

    以及更多。</ p>

    我觉得我可能需要安装phpCAS才能这样做,但不想这样做,除非 绝对必要。</ p>

    谢谢 你的时间。</ p> </ div>

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