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I am using composer autoloader for my classes too, but my problem is that files with my classes follow the pattern ClassName.class.php and composer can load files only with .php extension.

Is there any way how to define file pattern in composer.json? I was checking classmap, but it doesn't support patterns.

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    dorkahemp972157683 dorkahemp972157683 2015-01-06 10:31

    Classmap autoloading should be your friend, see

    Just specify the path to wherever you've got your files, let's say when your files reside in src, for example, src/Foo/Bar.class.php, then update your composer.json like this

        "autoload": {
            "classmap": [

    You will need to regenerate the classmap, though, every time you add a new file:

    $ composer dump-autoload
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